A Form for the Unexplainable

In my paintings I explore the dynamic between creation, transformation and decay. Each work is a celebration of life and an attempt to find a form for the unexplainable. My work is characterised by earthy colours, natural forms, motion and elements of chance, signifying purity, strength and transformation.

I create instinctively and without hesitation, aiming to do just what is needed to capture what I want to express. Acrylic paints dry fast which requires me to commit, not second guess. Using both opaque strokes and watered down layers suggests strength, fragility, and transformation.

Non-traditional paints such as stains and bitumen create a natural tension and unexpected texture. Plain wooden panels with their hard surface and naturally sober aesthetic are my preference. I suspect countless hours in the photo studio with Hasselblad and large film camera’s have made the square canvas second nature to me.

Biography-      I am a self taught painter, photographer and entrepreneur.  I live in Casteren, a tiny village in the Netherlands with my wife and two daughters. Our two cats merely tolerated. After a couple of years learning design and marketing at the Graphic Lyceum in Eindhoven, I switched to studying photography at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn. However, my color deficiency and resistance to conform landed me no diploma’s, and instead put me on the entrepreneurial path. I’ve since co-founded several creative and technological startups, driving their brand and pr.

A restless soul at heart, always driven to create and explore. I can’t deny that my true sense of purpose and calm comes from creating art. Perhaps my fear of death (which I recall from a very young age) is what pushes me daily to not waste a moment and create.